Terms of use

  • What types of personal data are collected through the contact form?

When you select ‘I consent to the conditions’ you are agreeing to sending us your first name, surname, email address and message are required fields. Your phone number is optional.

  • For what purposes are these data necessary?

The data is used to carry out instructions left in the message

  • Who can access the data?

The parish secretary and Parish Priest only

  • Are the data stored in some way? If so, where and for how long are they stored?

Data is stored on the parish computer on a spread sheet. It will remain until such time you request removal or if you are a parishioner and you leave the parish.


  • Are the data shared with third-party entities?

Data is not shared with any third party without prior permission is received from you in writing.

  • What security measures are taken to protect the data?

The data is held on the parish computer with antivirus protection in a OneDrive folder.

  • Can data subjects request exporting or deleting their data?