Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Ethical Shopping

Parishes and individuals are often keen to behave as Ethical Consumers.
One consequence is that they try to avoid using companies which have a poor reputation for matters such as concern for the environment and workers rights.

The ethical performance of major retailers can be checked at the Ethical Consumer website. and a short list of some reputed ethical retailers is linked below.

Also, did you know that the diocese has an Ethical Investment Policy? Find out about it in this article.

Amazon has a reputation for tax avoidance by locating its offices in the nearest approximation to tax havens it can find, and for exploiting its workers via relentlessly performance-driven, target-driven gruelling work for low rates of pay.
Many prefer to avoid it.
(And note that it owns Abe Books, Audible Audiobooks and the Book Depository.)

Here is a list of relatively ethical online nationwide UK booksellers (excluding those who specialise in a particular genre, such as children’s books, ebooks, audiobooks, maps, or textbooks).

Of course, local bookshops and charity bookshops are very deserving of support!  Bookshop.org is a virtual shopfront for independent sellers, while the Hive (in the list below) sends 10% the value of orders to a nominated independent shop.

The first eight of those listed below take part in easy fundraising, a popular way of raising funds for churches, schools and charities:

Some ethical retailers: